Wednesday, October 19, 2005

News of Possible Interest

  • Everybody is jumping on the sue Google bandwagon. Now the Association of American Publishers is claiming that Google Print infringes on copyrights. Oy. We Americans, we love to litigate.
  • Zadie Smith's latest, On Beauty, is going to be made into a movie
  • Julian Roach's Top Ten Books on Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Some of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's papers were destroyed by a fire
  • Sandra heard Iain Sinclair read last night and has made me add him to me reading list. She also made me drool over her description of the LRB bookshop. Must win $340 million Powerball drawing tonight so I can go on a book shopping spree and build something palatial to keep them all in.
  • Maud Newton has some marginalia links including information about H.J. Jackson's latest book. If you haven't read Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books, get thee to your bookstore or library! It's a great read and is almost--almost--enough to make those who think writing in books is a crime change their minds. I'm glad there is a new book, and I also see Jackson has edited a volume of Coleridge's marginalia. He apparently wrote such interesting things in books that friends would give him their books to read and write in.