Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some Links

A couple things of note recently on Future Tense, a feature on Public Radio. One from October 5th, Got a Book in you? (they do not have permalinks so scroll down the page or check the October archives) about print on demand publishing. You can now get anything you write published by Lulu. By the looks of their index people are publishing like crazy. In fiction and literature alone there are 5981 books listed. Is this a good thing? Who reads, or is going to read all those books when there are so many books published each year by the commercial publishers? And on Future Tense on October 4th was The virtue of slowing down, a talk with Carl Honore author of In Praise of Slowness. His book is on my reading list. I think it will have to be moved up. I feel a visit to the library coming on. In more recent news, the National Book Award Finalists have been announced (here is another version of the announcement) and once again I have not read any of them. Why don't they ever pick the books I have read? Hopefully we'll find out the Nobel Literature winner soon, that is if the "intellectuals" have settled their differences. Update: The First link for the National Book Award finalists was wrong. I have now corrected it. Sorry about that!