Tuesday, October 18, 2005

When Moments Converge

I had a confluence of moments last night when I got in my car after my essay class. There were only twelve of us in class last night and the teacher made all of us read what we had written about our various experiences with race even if it wasn't done. Several people were quite surprised as they didn't have anything prepared or had just scrawled a few paragraphs and had not planned on reading it to the class. The idea of the assignment was the concept of risk, writing about something that is uncomfortable or that might make you look bad. And so the teacher didn't want just a few people to read and have the rest of the class passing judgment. It was a great idea. And while some wrote better than others, everyone had written honestly. When I got in my car and turned on NPR, I caught the last 15 minutes of an interview with Zadie Smith. At that moment she was talking about being of mixed race. She talked about a lot of other things too. She is definitely a thoughtful and interesting person.