Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tag, I'm It

Sylvia has tagged me with a meme in which I am supposed to reveal five of my idiosyncratic characteristics. Only five? Here they are:

  1. I like tomato products--tomato sauce, ketchup, etc, and love tomato soup, but I cannot eat a whole tomato or anything that has tomato chunks in it.
  2. I am terrified of needles. It has nothing to do with blood, it's the needle in particular when someone is getting stuck with it. This time of year when the news starts talking about flu and they show people getting flu shots, I have to look away. Shots make me dizzy and sick even when it isn't me getting one. And don't even think about making me watch someone getting acupuncture!
  3. I hate shoes. I would spend my life barefoot if I could. I love to walk barefoot on a cold sidewalk in spring.
  4. When buying a new book, I have to examine every single copy of it in the bookstore. I scrutinize the minutest scratch or nick on the cover, looking for the most perfect copy there. If by some chance all of the copies are equally as good, then I will never buy the book that was sitting on top of the pile or first in the row. I always choose from the middle.
  5. I love shoveling my sidewalk in the winter. I don't like the backache which sometimes follows, but I love the motion involved in shoveling snow. I love the sound of the shovel scrapping the sidewalk. I love that it is a task that is done well or badly and the results are immediately known. I get a weird sense of accomplishment when I'm done.
Now I'd like to invite Claire and Iliana. Of course everyone else is welcome to play too!