Saturday, October 15, 2005

From Around

  • In These Times has an article on Lynd Ward who is recognized as the founder of the graphic novel. I had never heard of him before but the article makes me want to find out more. Here's an excerpt:
    Recent years have restored Ward’s reputation, turning him into a patron saint of illustrators and graphic novelists. Ward’s admirers include Will Eisner, who has credited Ward for establishing a “historical precedent for modern graphic storytelling,” and Eric Drooker, whose 1992 work Flood!, helped usher graphic novels into the mainstream of American literature. But Lynd Ward’s work was never really lost: A young Allen Ginsberg pulled Gods’ Man from his family’s bookshelf, and in 1955 transformed the book’s images into his epic Howl. Even when Ward himself was silenced, his images continued to speak a thousand words
    Grr. I just checked my library and while they have copies of Ward's adult fiction, none of it is currently available for checkout. I'll sure be glad when the new central library is done. They put all of the books that don't get borrowed often in storage. It's pretty sad that I've had to start a list of books to request in May 2006 after the new library opens, assuming, of course, that I will be able to get them then.
  • e-paper is the hot thing right now. It sounds like it will get used first in ads and magazines. Sure it's cool, but I can't help but worry about the waste of resources that goes into the making of it, and what about disposal? Paper magazines can at least be recycled, but what about e-paper? And what kind of longevity will something like that have? Both for the collector and in the landfills?
  • Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg denied an emergency appeal by the ALA to lift a gag order related to the FBI's request for internet records under the Patriot Act.
  • Entries are now being accepted for the "Blooker Prize". I am trying to suppress the urge to run screaming from the room right now.