Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thoughtful Things

Continuing with the independent bookstores going out of business, is this article at Alternet about feminist bookstores. This one, however, is not ranty and contains a minimum amount of blame the evil three. I work two blocks away from Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, and while I feel for their struggles, there just isn't that much to draw me in. I go there on occasion for a reading, but other than that, it just isn't a destination. Here's something else to get you thinking, e-paper. Ever since I saw this I keep wondering what it might mean for e-books. Could it possibly be what makes them truly viable? I'm attached to paper, but imagine how convenient it would be when going on vacation to take one book made of e-paper that contains two or three or more e-books. More room in the luggage to buy paper books from that oh so interesting bookshop you find in the quaint little corner of town.