Saturday, August 13, 2005

Links for Idle Moments

  • Who would have thought there would be so much controversy when Google annouced it's Google Print project? Obviously not Google. Now they have temporarily stopped scanning copyrighted books from libraries until November. I can understand why publishers and authors have issues with Google scanning their books especially if they are currently in print. While I think Google Print is a good idea, I also think they should stick to rare, public domain, and out of print books and leave the copyrighted stuff alone unless they have permission from authors and publishers.
  • If you like comic books, Mind Hacks has a great post about a series of comics that were published in the 1950s to counterbalance all that threatening pulp and it's effects on children. But the "good" comics somehow seem more frightening.
  • "Bill" Faulkner goes on Oprah. So Faulkner made it onto the bestseller lists for a little while, though my husband says they didn't sell that well at his store. I wonder how many people actually made it through all three books? Light in August is doable, I read it many years ago. Can't vouch for As I Lay Dying. As for The Sound and the Fury, well I couldn't even make it past chapter two before I gave up. I tried, I really tried. And maybe someday I'll try again. What was Oprah thinking when she chose those books? Had she read all of them first? Still, I have to give her credit for trying.