Monday, September 11, 2006

Book Videos

Feeling rather uninspired for anything to write about this evening I clicked over to Book Standard where I began perusing an article about book video highlights. I've heard about book videos, little advertisements to sell books that are popping up on the internet, but I have never bothered to investigate before. So I decided to click on a link. What fun to see a commercial for the final Lemony Snicket book! I clicked back to the article to explore other links which led me to VidLit, a fun site with all kinds of book video advertisements. Maybe it is the novelty, but I've been having fun watching a bunch of these 2-3 minute videos. The video for David Foster Wallace's book Consider the Lobster is a hoot as is the one for David Rakoff's book, Don't Get Too Comfortable. And for all you professors out there and those who are trying to get an education, is the video for Professors' Guide to Getting Good Grades which goes over the five questions you should never ask a professor. And if you'd like some chuckles at the expense of President Bush, be sure to watch Paul Slanksy's reviews of several Bush-related books. These little videos are strangely addicting, so beware!