Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chaucer goes to the Mall of America

Chaucer had a very full Saturday. Being a writer and a pilgrim he's used to lots of walking since he can't afford hot wheels, so the prospect of walking around a "ginormous" mall all day didn't bother him one iota. Chaucer knows, however, that the best start to a big day is a good breakfast. Chaucer has breakfast Here he is enjoying a vegan pancake with bananas, tahini, and real maple syrup. And let's not forget the all important cup of organic fair trade coffee! After his hearty meal, Chaucer was ready to go. He had a great time but had to be very careful that no one thought he was a sale item. He spent most of the time in hiding, but had to come out for some fun at the Lego store Chaucer plays with Legos As much fun as he had there, he couldn't stay long and play on the Lego tables because there were too many children about. Nonetheless, the bargain shopping was a success Chaucer is tired