Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Okay Great Gatsby fans, here's your chance to have a unique experience. If you are going to be in Minneapolis September 21-24, you can catch Gatz. Gatz is an unabridged performance of The Great Gatsby. The show is six hours long and is broken only by an hour long dinner break. If you are unable to do the "marathon," you can catch part one and part two on different evenings. While I am tempted to go just for the experience, I have a hard time sitting still that long. I am also not a fan of The Great Gatsby. I know many of you are and will see my dislike of the novel as a tragic shortcoming. Please forgive me for it. I can't believe I am the only one who doesn't like the novel, however. I will also wager each one of you harbors a dislike for a "great" novel that "everyone" else loves and that you feel guilty about it. Now is the time to ease your burden. I will help you along be adding to Gatsby, I am about to get loads of hate mail for this, Wuthering Heights. Stop your indignant protestations for one second and hear me out. I don't hate Wuthering Heights, I actually had some pleasure in reading it. But I had friends who swooned over Heathcliff and the tragedy of it all and I was baffled. I thought Heathcliff was a jerk and found nothing romantic in the tragedy of his love for Cathy. Of course Cathy wasn't blameless either. Their entire relationship was sick. A decent story, but nothing to swoon or cry over in my opinion. There, the cat is out of the bag. Now reader, it is your turn. Confess!