Friday, September 08, 2006

I Have Plans

Fall is in the air, it didn't get above 70 today. Add to that an overcast sky and you have a perfect recipe for reading. Of course, days like this always happen on days I have to work. What did I do to deserve such ill treatment from the book gods? The weekend is also supposed to be cool and I have plans. Emerson is on tap as is an attempt to finish Swann's Way. I have also recently acquired The Dubliners so that I may read "The Dead" for Tuesday's discussion at A Curious Singularity. I also began reading Madame Bovary a few weeks ago and am yearning to get back to that. Then there is Clarissa staring at me from my nightstand. I must get back to her. But she is not a take charge kind of gal and I feel as though leaving her hanging is a bit of tit-for-tat on my part (as though she really knows or cares that I haven't visited her in over a month!) Obviously though she has had some kind of impact on me if I see her as a real person. That is something I know I can say here without anyone thinking I am completely bonkers. Characters as real people, happens all the time. Right now I am gleefully shouting at Swann for being such a putz about Odette. He is so head-over-heels in love with her that he doesn't see the real Odette. Well he does, but he dismisses it, makes excuses for it. Do you ever talk to the characters in your books or treat them as though they were real? I was once reading at work and there was someone else in the lunch room when I yelled out "well duh! You big idoit" I don't remember what I was reading but I do remember I sure surprised the person who was also lunching. Then I had to, with much embarrassment, explain my outburst. I am more careful about things like that now and usually manage to limit myself to mumbling under my breath, snorting or sniffing. Any of my coworkers who have had the honor of witnessing this probably think I am very weird but no one has said anything. Maybe they are all afraid of me. *Squee* My Bookman just went out to rent a movie since our ballroom dance teacher is ill and our lesson for this evening got canceled. He came back with a movie but also came back with a book he stopped to pick up along the way: On Beauty and Being Just by Elaine Scarry. Now I don't have to try and get my branch librarian to request it for me from the county library. I've got to do lots of reading this weekend in order to make room for this book I am excited to read because of Dorothy! *Squee!*