Friday, November 10, 2006

Me, a Librarian? Well, Maybe

This is sort of off topic today. I'm looking for information and advice from librarians, wanna be librarians or used to be librarians. You see, I have come to the conclusion I am in need of a career change. Aside from just finding a new and different job, I am also thinking about a return to grad school, this time to study library and information science. Yes, I am thinking being a librarian with an emphasis on information services and technology might be a good job, especially since when I took one of those job quizzes librarian showed up on the list. Archeologist showed up too, and while I flirted briefly with that idea when I was a kid and still think it would be fun, it would take me too many years of schooling and I don't want my romantic ideas of the job spoiled. I know I have romantic notions of being a librarian too. That's where you all come in. Please disabuse me of those notions. What does a librarian really do? I know it's not all about books, that there is a lot of systems design and what not. I've been creating and maintaining databases for several years, though I've never had any kind of formal training. And even though my researches have turned up six librarian openings of various kinds in my area, what kind of job market is there? Are there a gazillion applicants for each job? I am also planning on finding a few working librarians in my area who might be willing to talk with me for a bit, but I thought I'd start here, with you. So if you could take a second and tell me what you like and don't like, or let me know if this MLS thing is a bad idea or a good idea, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.