Thursday, November 02, 2006

Odds and Ends

A long day at work and my mind is rather empty. Some may ask how this is any different than usual. To you I respond with an appropriately blank stare (and I might be able to summon up some drool for you too). It's odds and ends today. I have really mixed feelings about Time Traveler's Wife being made into a movie. Part of me thinks it will be fun. The other part of me is screaming, "Nnnnnoooooo!" And the little synopsis

Niffenegger's novel is about a Chicago librarian who involuntarily travels through time and falls in love with a young heiress along the way.
Makes it sound so dumb. And was Claire an Heiress? I remember her being an artist, not an heiress. And I really really hope Brad Pitt is not planning on playing Henry. He is so completely the wrong person to do it. Nevertheless, while I am cringing I am keeping an eye open just in case it turns out to be good. Lee Lowe is thinking ahead and has a Christmas story starter up. Send her your story and she will post the best. She is especially hoping for young writers to try their hand. William Styron died Wednesday I have not read any of his books, though I have always meant to. Story of my reading life. John Lloyd and John Mitchinson list their books to make you curious. It's a great list so be prepared to add some titles to you TBR pile. And speaking of lists, Carl has a list of 179 books that various people read in the RIP Challenge. He has plans for a second annual RIP Challenge in 2007. It's never too early to start planning your reading list.