Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Library Delinquent

I am currently a library delinquent. My copy of Indiana was due yesterday so I logged on to my library's website to renew it. Imagine how surprised I was when it wouldn't let me! Apparently there is only one copy in the Minneapolis library system and someone else has the nerve to want to read it right now! I wish there was some way of contacting that person to negotiate--I just need it for two more weeks, do you really need it now? But I can't do that. So what else is a girl to do? Keep the book and let it go overdue of course! That was not my first choice. My Bookman, nice guy that he is and desirous of keeping me off the library blacklist, immediately picked up the phone and started calling bookstores. I hoped he would have luck. But as the stores called without success list grew, I remembered why I borrowed the book from the library three weeks ago--none of the bookstores had it. And they still don't. So I am not surprised that whoever has decided to read Indiana has also turned to the library. Now I am forced to buy the darn book. I am enjoying it thus far, don't get me wrong on that, but it is not my preference to own it. But the book is now winging its way to me from a warehouse somewhere. The internet is a nice place in instances such as these. There is still a problem though. The edition I bought is not the same edition my library has so all of my notes with page numbers won't match. And I will have to find all of the matching passages for all of the page points I have stuck in the book. The new book should arrive in the mail on Friday. I will spend Friday evening sorting out my notes and transferring my page points and turn the book in Saturday morning. If the new book doesn't arrive on Friday I haven't decided yet if I will start writing down the first sentence of each marked passage and its general location so when the book does arrive it will be (theoretically) easier to find the page to mark, or wait for Saturday's mail before returning the book. In the meantime, I get fined fifty-cents a day plus guilt. All for the sake of the Slaves of Golconda. But y'all are worth it!