Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Night of Poetry and a Little Fun

My Bookman and I are off to see Tess Gallagher read from her new book of poetry Dear Ghosts, her first book in 14 years. I've heard her read once, at a memorial reading for Jane Kenyon, that is actually where I first learned about her. So I am looking forward to the reading. Now for a little something for fun. A contest to test your literary knowledge. The following list consists of the original titles of some famous books. Can you guess what the titles we know them by are? Giving you the authors might make it too easy, so I'll only tell you the title and when it was published:

  1. First Impressions, 1813
  2. All's Well That Ends Well, 1866
  3. The Sea-Cook, 1883
  4. Stephen Hero, 1916
  5. The Romantic Egotist, 1920
  6. Tenderness, 1928
  7. Bar-B-Q, 1934
  8. Something That Happened, 1937
  9. Interzone, 1959
  10. Catch-18, 1961
  11. A Jewish Patient Begins His Analysis, 1969
  12. The Summer of the Shark, 1974
  13. The Shine, 1977
Everybody who takes a guess will be entered to win a drawing for a Dr. Seuss bookmark.