Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book Tips

I like to think I provide a certain amount of entertainment for anyone who drops by, but from time to time I can be useful too. I've come to the end of my browsing through The New Book of Lists where I found a list called "16 Tips for Removing Household Stains." Two of the tips are book-related and so of course I have to share them with you:

Hot Drinks on Blanket While Reading in Bed. Rinse stained blanket quickly in a lot of warm water. If the stain has dried, try careful bleaching with a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide to six parts water. Old stains must be taken to the cleaners. Books. Be sure books aren't too tightly packed together--this causes mildew. To remove mildew from hardbound books, sprinkle with cornstarch and leave for a few days, then brush off. For greasy finger marks, lay a sheet of blotting paper over the marks and press with a warm iron.
Very helpful things to know. But I have questions these tips don't answer. All my hot drinks on blanket stains are always dry by the time I get to them. After all, what's more important, immediately rinsing the stain or continuing to read the really good part that made you spill in the first place? I also want to know what counts as books that are too tightly packed together? If I don't have mildew on my books that must mean I'm doing okay. But I'd like to know for future reference when I am reaching the danger zone of too tight. And If they are too tight, because if they aren't now they will be, can I still avoid mildew by occasionally taking my books out for some fresh air? And why does cornstarch only work on hardbound books? What about paperbacks? It's not very nice of these list people to be so vague.