Monday, August 28, 2006

What is it About Mondays?

I must be paying some kind of karmic debt or something because the last few Mondays have been really crappy. Last week it was software upgrade nightmares. Today it is a stolen bicycle. Yup. My beautiful blue and silver Raleigh SC 3.0 was stolen out of my locked garage over the weekend. The thieves even stole my helmet and the bungee cords I use to tie my clothes down on the rack. There were two other bikes in the garage--cheap mountain bikes--and they are still there as is the brand new lawnmower. They even closed the garage door so I didn't know anything was amiss until I went out to ride to work this morning. After I had a good cry I drove my car to work. Tomorrow night we are going bike shopping. I am trying to be excited about it, telling myself it's an opportunity to get something lighter and different, but thus far have not been able to muster up any enthusiam since I liked the bike I had. Maybe once I see the shiny new bikes I'll be able to be excited. For now I just feel sad.