Sunday, December 04, 2005

Miscellaneous Sunday

I have spent far too much time trying to work out a general theory of snow shoveling and I think I have done it. I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, I have discovered, using Einstein's theory of reativity (which I learned all about in Fabric of the Cosmos yesterday), while shoveling snow may give you a backache, it also makes you younger. That's one reason, I'm sure, why Minnesota consistently appears at the top of the list of healthiest states. Now that I have worked out my theory, I am going to have to seriously consider moving too Duluth, a city up north that gets large quantities of snow due to its being on Lake Superior. Might be the location of the fountain of youth. Of course, up there it is frozen for half the year. I have come across a new word that I think needs reviving. The word is malapert. It means boldly disrespectful or impudent. The word was personified into Jack Malapert in Caxton's Book of Curtesye in about 1477-78. Henry Fielding also uses it in his play The Fathers. The word can also be found in works by Sir Walter Scott. Information about this wonderful word comes from Word Wide Words. I have also gone and joined up: MetaxuCafe In case you haven't heard about it, MetaxuCafe is a sort of gathering place for lit bloggers. A good place to go if you are looking for something to read.