Friday, November 25, 2005

The Sound of Groaning Bookshelves

Wednesday night some pre-Thanksgiving used book shopping was in order. Off we went to Half Price Books. We were excited. We had coupons. The stack I brought home:

  • A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell. It's a bit dated, but he did win the Pulitzer for it and it will come in handy should I ever get around to my philosophy study project.
  • Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age by Bill McKibben.
  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. My husband says I'm crazy. Maybe I am. But it was only $3 and it is over 1,000 pages long. How could I turn down such a bargain?
  • In Light of India by Octavio Paz. I picked this up on the recommendation of James Tata. Don't expect to see me reading it in the very near future though. My TBR shelf is already packed double deep and is spilling onto a second shelf and the corner of my desk. I need serious help. Anyone want to pay me to just sit around and read all day?
  • Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, Nostromo by Joseph Conrad, and The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. All three for a buck a piece and brand new to boot. I've never read Tess or Hardy for that matter, and feel it is something I need to correct. I love Conrad and have not read Nostromo--yet. And I was inspired by Danielle to to take The Forsyte Saga home with me. How can one say no to a dollar book?
  • Lots of goodies to add to my groaning shelves. And if you are wondering what to read of gift someone this holiday season, The NY Times 100 Notable Books of the Year might be of assistance to you.