Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Geeks United

My occasional book group members and I were exchanging emails yesterday about our book in progress, Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. The novel is about many things among them cryptology, science and technology. The three of us in the email exchange all happen to be tech people who fell into it more by accident than by design. We were bemoaning just how geeky we'd become and trying to ferret out who was the biggest geek. While it was a close call, I think the geek trophy has to go to tin lizzy who was able to recognize one of the characters as Alan Turing before his name was even given. The whole geek thing is weird for me and I find myself wondering if there is any hope for "recovery" or is it a case of "once a geek, always a geek?" But, I suppose there are geeks of many stripes and not just of the computer sort. For instance, if you are a book geek, and if you are reading this blog you very likely are, you may dream of owning your own bookstore someday. If you are, here is an article that will provide you with some tips and inspiration. One of the keys to succsess is, don't quite your day job. (link via The Page)