Saturday, October 29, 2005

When Books and Life Meet

My Bookman and I began listening to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the other day. Last night we got to chapter 5, "Turkish Delight" in which Edmond meets the White Queen/Witch and eats enough Turkish delight to kill a moose. So? You may be wondering. Well, up until this last Thursday we had no idea what Turkish delight was until we visited Holy Land Grocery and Deli. We've been buying their hummus and pita bread from our food co-op for years and just discovered Zater (thyme) bread. The co-op is frequently out of the zater bread so we decided to go to the source. We ended up going a little crazy. Not only did we get a huge bag of whole wheat pita, some organic hummus, a tub of baba ghannouj and two bags with four each pieces of zater bread, we also found some mango chutney and some sort of garlic pickle relish. There was also a large display of Turkish delight. On impulse, we brought home a box. Our Turkish delight is very sweet, fruity and rather chewy, though I gather that the really good stuff is softer. But it is yummy. Imagine then, our surprise when we reached "Turkish Delight" in Narnia. Of course, we paused the CD and ran to the kitchen. Once we each had a piece of Turkish delight in hand we returned to the story. As Edmund stupidly ate his candy, we ate ours too. While we weren't enchanted by the White Queen, we were, nonetheless, enchanted.