Thursday, August 25, 2005

Adding to the Reading List

  • Myla Goldberg, author of the excellent book Bee Season (as in spelling bee), has a new book. The book, titled Wickett's Remedy, takes place during the 1918 flu epidemic and should be out at the end of September. I can hardly wait!
  • Alternet is big on the book articles lately. Here's one about the price of college textbooks. I can't imagine paying $125 for a calculus text. One of the nice things about having been an English major was that texts were generally cheap and easy to get. The most expensive book I bought while in college was a $60 book for an undergrad art history survey class that I took for general education credits. Of course, if I bothered to add up all the 8-10 books of fiction and poetry I usually had to buy for my English classes, it just might come out to be more expensive that I thought.
  • Check out Robin Collins's top ten dystopian novels at the Guardian. For some reason I really like dystopian novels. There are a few on the list I haven't read and will have to add them to my reading list. I won't read Crash though. My husband read it and says it's pretty gruesome. But if you like gruesome and are fascinated by sick sexual fetishes, then you'll really like the book.