Thursday, June 23, 2005

Some Things Bookish and Some Things Not

For your evening's entertainment:

  • Wordsworth, Dove Cottage and the new Jerwood Center.
  • A great bit of detective work. Professor Lawrence Rainey has figured out Eliot's writing process for The Wasteland. It's interesting and all, but in the end, what sort of use is it? Does it help in the understanding of the poem to know that line 23 was written after line 30? Call me silly, but I just can't get that excited about it.
  • I picked this up from Someone tagged it as the Eye of Sauron and the article even remarks on the resemblance. In reality it's a ring of dust particles around the star Fomalhaut in the Pisces constellation. Or is it?
  • And if you are worried about Alien abduction and mind control, there's help. I guess tin foil doesn't do the job anymore