Sunday, June 19, 2005

Reading Update

Just a little reading update for this warm and lazy Sunday afternoon on which lacking children and having a father and father in-law that both live 2,000 miles away (or there abouts), I do not have to do Father's Day activities. I am not far in Queen Loana but am thus far enjoying it very much. I had thought that I would make it a little project to see how many of the literary references I could I locate and source, but I have found that I don't have to do that. Someone has started a Queen Loana Wiki so now others will do the work for me. Of course, since it is a wiki I could, and you could too, contribute. But I have the feeling that these folks are serious. I've recognized several references and gotten a little thrill of delight for my effort but I don't want to interrupt the flow of my reading or of the story to look up everything. I'll be checking up on the wiki as I go along but will not be doing any serious source researching until I actually finish the book. Of course by that time the more industrious out there will probably have figured out most of it. I'm still chugging away with Don Quixote though I am behind the scheduled five chapter each week. Still, I am enjoying it very much. Sancho has pulled a fast one on DQ by convincing him that an ugly peasant girl is Dulcinea. Since DQ can't see her beauty and Sancho says he can, DQ decides, or rather Sancho convinces DQ, that he is enchanted. Those evil, wicked wizards! But I think DQ knows that Sancho is pulling a fast one but is playing along because it keeps things interesting. I am also reading The Big Over Easy, a new book by Jasper Fforde. My Bookman managed to get a review copy. It's not Thursday Next, but it is enjoyable. There are other books through which I am meandering but those are currently my main squeezes. I finished A History of Reading and will be posting my thoughts on that sometime this week. I have also completed reading an online mystery novel called The Daughters of Freya which was quite good. I'll be posting about that one this week too. Have a nice afternoon!