Thursday, June 16, 2005

Looking Up

I found my happy place and am doing much better today even though the problem at work is still not resolved. I'm resolved not to worry about it and tomorrow is Friday so things are looking up. Here are some links for your internet browsing pleasure.

  • From Coop's Corner I learned that Amazon in offering the entire Penguin Classics Library for sale at a 40% discount. That's right, the 1, 082 volumes can be yours for a measly $7,989.99! That's a $5,327.75 savings! How can you say no? Unfortunately, this purchase is not eligible for free shipping, so add $54.50 to the discounted price to get the books to your door.
  • At the Guardian, Tanya Gold reads a 1,000 page book in one sitting. It's not pretty.
  • Something amusing for your troubles, The Periodic Table of Haiku. Didn't think you could make haiku out of the elments? Think again.
  • Finally, there is the Connecticut couple who are now the envy of all bibliophiles. They've gone and turned the silo in their 200 year-old barn into a three level spiraling library. Sadly, there are no pictures. Wait until you get to the end of the article where it talks about building your own library shelves and how much it costs for a real carpenter to do it. Can you say sticker shock? I think I'll be staying with the do-it-yourself method. Not as beautiful, but it has served me well and at least I still have money left to buy more books. (link via Bookninja)