Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Passion is Great!

Wow, there are some passionate people out there about the new Hitchhiker's movie, just take a gander at the comments from yesterday's post. To add fuel to the fire, here is the BBC review of the movie. The conclusion:

Despite outstanding production design and some fantastic visual effects, overall the film is a bit of a mess. A charming mess, maybe, but a mess all the same. Did the script veer too far away from the source material or tie itself in knots trying to keep faith with it? Bizarrely, I think the answer is both.
Of course I was hoping for a stellar review (pun intended), but I am not surprised. Still, I am looking forward to it. I do after all own a DVD of the BBC six-part Hitchhiker's Guide series and I enjoyed it. It is totally campy and the effects are absolutely dreadful (Zaphod's head is obviously fake) and it reminds of me of old sci-fi B movies, but darn it, it has spirit. I will unfortunately not be able to see the new movie next weekend because my husband can't go and he has made me promise not to go without him.