Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hey Hay!

If you live anywhere near Hay-on-Wye or in the UK for that matter, how can you not want to go to the Hay Festival every year? It is good that I live so very far away or I'd be in Hay all the time which would not be good for the wallet. We have never visited, but my Bookman and I are planning a pilgrimage for next April (I think I mentioned a few months ago that we were debating between going to Hay or traveling in Scotland, well we made up our minds, the lure of books won). We didn't want to go to the festival our first time there so we figured we'd go before the festival so everything isn't pawed over. Thus far the plan is to fly into London, take the train to Hereford, then the bus to Hay. Stay in Hay for 4-5 days and then take the bus to Brecon and stay in Brecon for a few days walking and doing other non-bookish things. Then back to London for a few days before returning home. That's the plan so far. Nothing is finalized yet though and we have months to change our itinerary. I am soooo looking forward to it even if it is a long time away.