Thursday, April 14, 2005


I tuned in to the premiere of Stacked last night for better or worse. Over all the show was okay, not the train wreck I had feared but certainly not sparkling and witty. Pamela Anderson's breasts took center stage of course, there was no way you couldn't look at them. She wore a tight low-cut t-shirt from which the top of her lacy bra emerged. It showed of her bosom to great effect and all of the male characters were ga-ga over her, including the on-the-verge-of-adolescence son of one of the co-owners of the bookstore. Surprisingly, Pamela was the best actor in the show, she was even better than Christopher Lloyd. Pamela's character, Skyler, is a parody of herself, or her public persona at any rate--dumb blonde bombshell. But Pamela played her straight and low-key and it worked, she was funny. The rest of the cast left much to be desired. They all seemed like they were trying too hard, especially before Pamela made her appearance. By the end of the show they seemed to be settling down a little so perhaps next week will improve a bit. There were some bookish jokes, even a reference to Sense and Sensibility. But most of the book humor, I thought, came at the expense of the stereotypical pretentiously intellectual and book snobbish co-owner (sorry, can't remember his name. The store is owned by two brothers, one as described above, the other a sort of easy going pudgy and jolly younger brother). If the show wasn't book related in any way I wouldn't watch it at all, but since it has a bookish patina, I will be tuning in again next week.