Thursday, March 30, 2006

Celebrating National Poetry Month

When you work for a midsize local nonprofit you tend to wear many hats. Besides the hat of resident techie, I also wear the hat of staff newsletter editor. When you are the bookish sort, in charge of the newsletter and National Poetry Month rolls around, it is the perfect opportunity to foist verses upon your co-workers.   The last couple of years I have been stressed and/or lazy and just slapped in a couple of favorite poems. Before that I made them all participate in a haiku writing contest. This year I am neither stressed nor lazy and have a poetry mad-lib in mind. You know mad-libs, the short "story" with blanks in it asking for nouns and verbs and names and when you read it back it can sometimes be quite funny.   Why am I telling you this? Because I am hoping your brains might assist me in finding a couple of mad-lib-able poems. I can do two poems in the newsletter and thought e e cummings's "In Just" ( ) might work out well. I'll be paging through my poetry books over the next few days looking for a second poem, but I thought picking the brains of my fellow book people couldn't hurt either.   The newsletter will be published on April 14th, but as soon as I have the madlib poems together, I'll post them here. I hope they end up being appropriately silly.