Tuesday, March 28, 2006

All About Words

I've been tagged by Sylvia with the word meme. Words that always look misspelled to me: vacuum occasion refrigerator Words that look nicer in italics: love wave suspicious Words I enjoy saying: effervescent quirky conundrum Words I enjoy hearing: we're giving you a raise You've worked hard today, why don't you go home early (I know that's not what was intended but you have to admit, those are great words when strung together!) Abbreviations I dislike: Mme Mlle (I have nothing against the French, really I don't.) Proper nouns I enjoy: Quetzacoatl Minnehaha Saskia Words I associate with happiness: book chocolate quilt purr Words I always misspell: commitment conscientious conscious Words I enjoy spelling correctly, every time: tomorrow appreciate conscience convenient
 Words that, though I love their meaning, I'm too embarrassed to say out loud:
Hmmm. I can't think of anything for this one. One more added by Sylvia: Words I can never remember the meaning of no matter how many times I look them up: sanguine (I always think it means unhappy, it sounds like it should. I always think of the color yellow and then I think jaundice and that leads to unhappy. For the record, I really like the color yellow, but sanguine is a sick yellow, not a happy yellow that might get me to remember the correct meaning of the word!) Who else wants to play? If you do, be sure to leave a trackback or a comment.