Thursday, February 09, 2006

This and That

Class last night was great. It is so much fun talking about Margaret Atwood stories and examining her use of point of view , tense, chronology, and so on and how those choices make a difference to the story. Marvelous! Iliana linked to the 2006 National Poetry Month poster. I scoured the website looking for how I could get my hands on one to no avail. So I sent an email. If you want a 2006 poster or a poster from years gone past, they can be yours. I've been suffering from bad time management lately and feeling rushed hither and yon, not getting much of anything accomplished. So tonight I offer an accumulation of links:

  • StorySouth has their new issue up and it features Southern Women Writers
  • The Literary Review has an essay/review of a new book about Sartre and de Beauvoir. The reviewer not only questions the pair's romance, but also the value of the work of Sartre. I'm sure there is an existential joke in there somewhere.
  • Alan Shalleck, co-writer of Curious George books, was found dead in his driveway the other day. The circumstances of his death are, well, curious.
  • A video of University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman explaining to the Association of American Publishers (who is suing Google), why digitizing books is a good thing.
  • Looking to dip into some Finnish literature? The Guardian has some recommendations for you.
  • Terry Pratchett's book Hogfather is being made into a movie. I'm rather excited about the prospect. I haven't read this particular Discworld novel, but I will by the time the movie comes out!