Sunday, February 05, 2006

Getting My Fix

It's been over a month since I have been browsing at the used book store and I was starting to feel a little unsettled because of it. So since my Bookman had a rare Sunday off we ventured out "just to look." Ha ha. After "just looking" I found myself with four books in my hands:

  • Because it is one of my 2006 reading resolutions, I picked up a copy of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Just flipping through the pages to check the book's condition made me tremble in fear. I think we all have an author (or book) we are afraid of and James Joyce is mine.
  • Because several people have raved about Thomas Hardy's poetry, I picked up an Oxford World's Classics Selected Poems so I can see for myself.
  • Because I have seen the book around and because I am unable to resist books about reading and writing, Bookmark Now jumped off the shelf into my eager hand.
  • Because it was only a $1.98 and because it has Hemingway, Dickinson, and Shakespeare playing Trivial Pursuit on the cover, Literary Trivia: Fun and Games for Book Lovers came home with me too.
My Bookman shopped the clearance shelves (books for a buck!) and added Carolyn Heilbrun's Hamlet's Mother and Other Women to my take home pile. He really knows how to make a girl swoon. Off to go fight some more with Harold Bloom. We've been at it off and on all weekend. I've decided his book needs to be re-titled Where Shall Wisdom Be Found for Old White Men? No doubt he'd tell me that I am one of those horrible people who perpetuate the "Culture of Resentment."