Monday, February 13, 2006

I've Been Caught!

Given that I had to postpone my vacation to Hay because of my diabetic cat, Susan delicately suggested a memoir called Waiting for My Cats to Die by Stacy Horn. My city library didn't have the book, nor did my county library or the next county over. My sister, however, has the book and she kindly sent it to me so I can read it. The book arrived today. My sister has two cats and they must have rubbed their faces on the book or something because my cat jumped up on my desk chair (and had a moment of panic as the chair swiveled around) and promptly began sniffing the book. It's a good thing he can't read. Or maybe he can and he and the dog are going to start planning something devilish. Well, Kamir would be the one doing the planning. Godzilla is just dumb enough, as all dogs are, to go along with it. Godzilla will be the one who gets in trouble. That, of course, is also part of the cat's plan. It will have something to do with the bathroom: Kamir the King And Godzilla will be bribed with food, or a rawhide "Christmas card." Godzilla's Xmas Card A book story and shameless pet pictures. What more could you want on a Monday? A link to the Rosetta Project perhaps?