Saturday, September 03, 2005

Not Laboring for Labor Day

It's a holiday weekend here and I am looking forward to three days of R&R (reading and relaxing). The reading plan for these three days is something like this:

  • The weekly Montaigne essay
  • As far as I can get in Anthropology of an American Girl. After 100 pages it has finally begun to make sense.
  • A chapter of Rings of Saturn. This book is wonderful and I want to savor it so read it slowly, a chapter at a time.
  • At least 100 pages of Don Quixote
  • I have dallied, held by enchanters no doubt, with The Knight of the Lions and his faithful squire far too long. It is time to make an effort to get to the end of it especially since Sandra has convinced me to read Clarissa. So one of my holiday plans is to sally forth and purchase a copy. I had considered borrowing from my public library but I am only allowed two renewals on the same book and I'm afraid I'll have to return it before I'm done. Besides, if I'm going to make it through this mighty tome, I want it on my bookshelf as a symbol of my accomplishment. To all of those who left comments about wanting to read Clarissa "someday," perhaps the day has arrived. You are all invited to join in the crazy fun. If you are looking to rent a movie for the long weekend, may I recommend Bride and Prejudice? I just saw it last night. It is Jane Austen translated to modern day India. Very well done and loads of fun.