Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's Okay!

My lap top is okay. It's all better now, no data lost and it's humming along as it should. Thanks to my fabulous husband who spent three hours at the Apple Store and to the staff at the Mall of America Apple Store Genius bar. You are geniuses! So I don't have a day of panic attacks again, this girl now has an external hard drive onto which she will back up her computer every week. I got the message from the Tech Gods loud and clear, next time I might not be so lucky. Sighs of relief all around. And some links too because they are easy and I am still too keyed up to think about writing anything.

  • A review of a new book called Coffee: A Dark History by Antony Wild. The reviewer says the writing is rather mediocre but it sounds like it has some interesting information in it nonetheless. And I do love coffee so. Not as much as Voltaire, however, who reportedly drank between 50 and 72 cups of coffee a day while writing Candide. I don't know how he managed not to kill himself with that much caffeine. I can have a cup in the morning any more than that and I have a horrible headache all day. I am able on occasion to have half a cup in the afternoon or if I am planning on being up late, in the evening. Anything more than that and I feel ill. It is probably all for the best, but oh, the stuff smells and tastes so good!
  • Get out you knitting needles! The Doctor Who scarf can be yours! I think I might just have to make one of these. One can never have too many scarves in Minnesota.
  • Tolkein fans, I give you The Encyclopedia of Arda.
  • This has been out for a week, but I couldn't resist, Shakespeare in the Park. From the article: "Shakespeare in the Park is a benediction for intellectual daytrippers—an attempt to convince us that a few hours spent sweating in Central Park is culture earned the hard way." Zing!