Thursday, July 28, 2005

Articles of Interest

Too tired to put of in the way of words together today. So here are some articles that you may enjoy perusing.

  • Not tired of Harry Potter yet? The TLS has a short review (safe for those who have not finished the book yet). The reviewer captures what it's like to be an adult fan:
    It is not easy being an adult Harry Potter fan. All around us are detractors, laughing at our obsession, questioning our intellectual maturity, forcing us to conceal hardback books behind carefully spread pages of the TLS. But the derision of our peers is nothing compared to the torture that J. K. Rowling is now putting us through.
    But my favorite part is the description of the additction that is Harry Potter:
    There was a time when Harry Potter was all about escapism: an unloved orphan turned out to be a glorified messiah, and had some terrific adventures in the process. This was uncut fantasy; for those who could stomach it, reading Rowling’s first book was, in Stephen Fry’s words, “like swimming in chocolate”. Only in retrospect do we realize this was part of a master plan: that the first, sugar-coated hit would lead to a lifetime of troubled addiction.
    Mmmm, swimming in chocolate.
  • Are you a hard working executive too busy to actually read the latest business book? The Book Standard has an article about a service just for you!
  • Finally a study was done on the impact of the used book market on the new book market. Publishers and authors say that used books cut into their earnings, but the study shows that it just isn't so.
  • Cindy Lou-Dale writes for the Dusty Shelf an article about the town of Ottery St. Mary where Coleridge was born and Greta Hall where he once lived. She is kind enough to include some photos of the area and now I want to go live there.