Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Vocabulary Expands Again

I am continuing to improve my vocabulary with Eco. I haven't had to look up so many words in ages. It makes me feel a little dumb and like a kid, "Look Ma! I can read this big hard book!" The book is good though. Yambo seems to have a lot of feeling in his pylorus which is where he tends to feel a "mysterious flame." Maybe it was something he ate, all that rich Italian food. Queen Loana hasn't shown up yet and I'm on page 180. I wonder when she does appear if she will feel a myterious flame in her pylorus too? Anyway, my new words:

  • extrasystole as in "He asked me if it was like an extrasystole." According to Webster's it is "a premature beat of one of the chambers of the heart that leads to momentary arrhythmia."
  • pulverulent as in "The dead bodies appear in a pulverulent glow." It means dusty. Makes me wonder if it is Eco's word or if the translator is showing off.
  • There are a few more that are not used in sentences but are just listed out and they are not in my dictionary: avolate, baccivorous, cacodoxy,cerastes, cribble, glaver, inadequation, lordkin, pasigraphy, pulicious, sparble, speight and vespillo. Intriguing words to be sure, but what do they mean? They are not necessary to understand the story, I just want to know.