Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Bookcases

The chaise was not the only thing I got at Ikea. We invested in some new bookcases too and installed them in the living room. IMG_0082 We sat in wonder, asking ourselves why the heck we didn't do this sooner? We are very happy. In case you are wondering, Ikea did not sell us the shelves with books on them already. We moved all of our poetry books up from the basement library. They are on the left bookcase and the top two shelves of the right side bookcase. We are hoping this will inspire us to read more poetry. The rest of the books on the right bookcase shelves are most of our "classics." Both my Bookman and I have been interested in collecting and reading more classics lately so we brought the ones we already have up from the basement library so we can look at them. It will also make it easier to keep track of what we have since we don't always remember and have been known to buy multiple copies of the same book. We left Dickens and Woolf donwstairs because we have too many of those and since they are favorite authors, will have no trouble remembering what we've got. As you can see there is a little room to expand. I expect the empty spots won't be empty long. An empty bookshelf is a crime against nature. Maybe not nature. Maybe more like biblioholism abhors empty shelves.