Sunday, May 22, 2005

Garden Day

The sun is out today so we have been scurrying around in the garden--lawn to mow, weeds to pull, plants to plant. It's been so wet and cold this May we are very behind. But I thought I'd share a photo of Melody Maple. Melody Maple She's had a face for a few weeks now and got her name today owing to the strong breeze blowing through her leaves and branches. On the reading front, I managed to finish Snow by Orhan Pamuk last night for my occasional book group meeting on Tuesday. I'll be posting something detailed about it in the next day or two. I'm also still perusing More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl. I'm only on page 86 out of 240 and I am afraid to count how many books I've put check marks next to in the nicely put together index. But since I am planning on living forever it should be no problem.