Friday, May 20, 2005


This is only obliquely related to books, but it's been bugging me all day. I usually don't remember my dreams but I remember two from last night. In one I was being given writing advice by a bunch of famous writers. In the other I was arguing with a cable guy about a flower bed he had dug up. I remember only one of these dreams in great detail. Which one do you think it is? Of course it is the one with the cable guy. He apparently dug up the flower bed under my picture window because they had to install a new cable. I asked him why I hadn't been notified that this was going to happen? He replied that the cable company had sent postcard notices a month ago and it wasn't his fault that I didn't receive it. I asked him if the cable company was going to pay for all of my plants that he had destroyed and he answered that it wasn't his problem either. Then several other cable guys showed up and kept asking me if I wanted my cable connected. I kept telling them no but they kept asking over and over. Finally one of them asked me why I didn't want cable. I screamed "Because I don't watch tv!" I ran into my house, pulled out paper and pencil and immediately began writing down all the names of the plants that had been in the flower bed and how much it would cost to replace them. I woke up still calculating. The writer dream is hazy. All I remember is a large group of people sitting in chairs and standing around. All of them were famous writers. All of them were offering me advice on writing. Do I remember what writers they were? No. Do I remember any of their advice? No. Do I remember what plants I had on my list? Every last one.