Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday Amusements

Looking to buy a new house? Look no further! For a mere £ 325,000 - £ 595,000 you can purchase Florin House in Covent Garden, London. Within this 12 apartment buidling is 26 Wellington Street where Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations. Even though time has passed I'm sure some of the great man's literary aura remains to assist you in completing your novel. Let the bidding wars begin! (Link via Bookglutton) Here is a review in the TLS of a book that promises to explain why time speeds up as you get older. It has something to do with memory. And here is a long interview at Alternet with Steve Martin, comedian, actor, writer. The interview focuses on the writing. This article from Wired is a week old but I just picked up on it from perusing tags. It talks about's SIPs, or statistically improbable phrases. It's an interesting feature but it still won't make me shop there. I don't like their website, it is too cluttered for my taste and I find it difficult to view the publishing information on a book. Plus my Bookman works at a competing brick and mortar bookstore where he gets a better discount than can offer.