Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This and That

Oh! Oh! Oh! A list! For those who are inspired by dogs (via NewPages Weblog) I've read a few of them, Call of the Wild is a standard I think. I read The Dog Who Wouldn't Be when I was a kid. It's a three hankie read. Some books are missing like say, Old Yeller and The Incredible Journey. And a five hankie read, Where the Red Fern Grows. My mom walked in on me just after I finished reading it and I was so distraught I was sobbing hysterically into my pillow and could barely get out the reason for my tears to my quite concerned mother. She made her mom face that said "is that all?" and I was sudddenly soooo embarrassed. Most kids get embarrassed when their mom walks in while they are doing something else, if you know what I mean. But for me, that mom look implied it was really stupid to cry over a book. It took me years to work through the trauma of that shame and now I am happy to say I can cry freely over books except if my mom is around (I didn't say I was cured). But I digress. Another book for the more grown up among us that isn't on the list that should be is Terry Kay's To Dance with the White Dog. I haven't read it but came across it years ago and gifted it to my Bookman who has read it and loved it. And on a local note, one more reason to love Minnesota: land of long-lasting small presses (via NewPages Weblog). The observant among you may or may not have noticed that I haven't mentioned for some time The Alphabet Versus the Goddess. Don't think it's because I haven't been reading it, I have, just ask my Bookman who has been putting up with my outbursts of utter astonishment while I read it. I can only read so much of it at a time before I get too worked up and have to stop. But I will be trying to put a little something together on where I am so far very soon. I have to. I have run out of page points to mark passages and since it is a library book I can't scrawl profanities in the margins. The final "debate" is on tomorrow night so don't expect to see my rant until Thursday or Friday. I know the anticipation is nearly unbearable, but do try to stay calm. Perhaps a cup of chammoile tea might help, or my favorite, hot chocolate. Mmmm.