Sunday, October 03, 2004

Of Note

The New York Times Book Review has a couple items of note. David Orr reviews a bevy of lit blogs". Sadly this one has been left off. I'm sure it's just an accidental oversight. Yup. Uh-huh. And Erica Jong gets her dander up about the seemingly prevelant view that book money is dirty money:

Why this persistent illusion that writers are ruthless robber barons of words? Is it because we share the language that we believe it takes no special ability to wield it? Is writing money considered dirty for the same reason everyone thinks she can write a novel ''if she only had the time''? Or do we still subliminally share the Renaissance view that print is commercial and crass? In England, literary reputation depended far more on access to the right circles of readers than on publication; the gentleman amateur had to overcome the stigma of print.
Can't say that I've ever pick up on the trend of dirtiness, but then I don't have a published or best-selling book either. Enjoy your Sunday. Get lots of R&R, for tomorrow it's back to the old grindstone.