Thursday, October 07, 2004

Slow Day

Aside from the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature it's a bit of a slow book day. The Bookman's boxes that got shipped from his conference arrived and we have a nice pile in the living room right now. Some good stuff too, but I don't feel like gushing at the moment. Perhaps this weekend I will make some choice selections from the pile to gloat over. In the meantime here are a few things I've managed to scoop up off the superhighway. Here's a reason to live in New YorkBlack Women Writers Dissecting Globalization: An International Conference on Literature by Women of African Ancestry. The conference is open to the public. Alice Walker, Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison will be among the luminaries present to "discuss globalization from a female perspective, as well as the impact of dislocation, terrorism, and new technology on literature, publishing, and the creative process." Here's another reason to live in New York, Poets House which has "A national archive of 40,000 volumes of poetry, the Poets House collection includes books, chapbooks, literary journals, an audio and video tape archive, CDs, and electronic media. It is the largest and most comprehensive poetry collection available to the public in open stacks anywhere in the country." If the above two items aren't your style, try the Glasgow University Special Collectioins book of the Month. They are featuring a periodical this month, Curtis's Botanical Magazine and show several beautiful paintings that would make any gardener or flower afficionado envious. I'm going to go pet my new books now and try to figure out how to stack them onto my already teetering beside book pile.