Sunday, September 26, 2004

Say Your Prayers

As if the Left Behind books weren't enough, now there are Christian romance novels:

"It has to capture all the reality of being single, thinking all the time that you don't necessarily want to be single, and how do you balance that need with your true feelings about each man," she said. But for Ms. Billerbeck, authenticity also means a heroine who connects not only with a man but with the Lord as well. "The character always has to slow down and hear what God is saying to them," she said last weekend while attending the third annual convention of Christian romance and fiction writers. "I try to present Jesus in a way that shows he's relevant to modern life."
Publishers are now thinking about a line of Christian chick-lit, novels that "typically feature Bridget Jones types looking for the right man, the right chocolate, the right friends - and the right relationship with God." So don't bother flipping through the pages looking for "the good parts."