Monday, September 20, 2004

The King

The Guardian has a wonderful, long article/interview with Stephen King. The final book in the Dark Tower series goes on sale tomorrow. Does this mean King is done writing?

Is King going to retire now that he has completed a novel sequence that he regards as a summation of all his other works and in which lots of characters from his other books appear? "I'm retiring from all the bullshit. I don't want another book contract." He doesn't plan to work much for the next few months; instead, he's going to campaign for John Kerry in the swing state of Florida. "We're not in good odour with the world under Bush. And it's a shame because we took a bad hit on September 11 and Bush pissed away a lot of goodwill." Kerry, however, doesn't fill him with enthusiasm, not least because King favoured anti-war Democratic candidate Howard Dean. He has another book written, though he says it's "a mess", and has yet to decide whether anybody else should read it. It is about a writer's widow, and came about when he returned home from his hospitalisation for pneumonia to find his wife redecorating his office.
I don't think we've heard the last of him yet.