Monday, July 19, 2004

Original Fiction Online

The Guardian has original short fiction from seven authors and links to past fictions. The new ones include Yann Martel, Alice Munro and Jeanette Winterson. Here is a little tast from Winterson:

We were wet through before we got back to your room. You dried my hair in a towel. I put your shoes on the radiator. Simple gestures that take on meaning, and I wondered why it is only in these heightened moments that the significance of everything is clear? Is it too much to live with so much meaning? I don't watch the signs to see if they are auspicious, and I am not superstitious, but all of us could be clairvoyant if we were not so afraid of what we might see. I don't mean doom and disaster, I hardly mean anything sizable at all, only the living texture of each moment and each gesture. The feel of life under my fingers, sometimes rough, sometimes impossibly fine, and I could read it like Braille, but I don't because I daren't.
Happy reading!