Thursday, July 22, 2004

Blahs Coming to an End

So I started reading Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time last night. I think it just might do the trick and help lift me out of my book blahs. I read my first Terry Pratchett book last year, Men at Arms, and what a hoot! Since he has written quite a few books, I now have the pleasure of knowing that I have all of them to look forward to reading and I won't run out of them any time soon. No waiting a year or two or three or more for him to finish the next one. If you are a Douglas Adams fan and haven't yet found Pratchett check him out some time. I find the humor and quirkiness to be similar. Why is it the British seem to be able to write such funny science fiction and fantasy? Why don't we have an American Adams or Pratchett? Or do we and I just haven't discovered him/her yet? If anybody out there has a recommendation I'd love to hear it. I am so looking forward to the fact of the approaching weekend. I think that might help me out of my book slump too. There are few things I like more to do on weekends than to stay up late reading in bed.