Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Curse is Broken

I just had to post an update that the book cataloging with the My Book Collection software I mentioned in May has been moving quietly, if not exactly steadily ahead. The dearest and I reached the monumental number of 109 books last night making this the most we've ever managed in any of our various attempts to track the depth of our biblioholism. Does that mean we broke the curse of 100? I hope so. It also means we are stuck with this software forever. There is no turning back. Aside from a few bearable quirks, it is nice software. I recommend it if you are considering cataloging your own library. It is Mac friendly. One of the most exciting things about breaking 100 is not the cataloging part of it, but the counting part of it. All of the books we have entered so far reside in "my" room. There is one more shelf to go through before we are done and move on to the basement library. My brain says, "Wow, I have a lot of books!" My book addiction says, "Wow, all those books and look at the shelf space you still have left!" My logical brain then turns to jelly as the rest of me starts to quiver. My shaking hands page through my wishlists. And then I pace like the tiger at the zoo. My restlessness will soon be relieved and tomorrow I will have some new books to play with and put on my shelf. My Bookman is bringing me home some new books tonight. We can splurge because it's extra employee discount weekend--40% off instead of the usual 30%. And he thinks I married him for love.