Monday, February 23, 2004


The American Library Association has for sale those nifty Read Posters (link via A List a Day) you see at libraries. There is the hunky Antonio Banderas holding Don Quixote. Bill Gates looking like a geek with Old Man and the Sea (where's Steve Jobs?). The ubiquitous Brittney Spears looks like she's trying to hide her book from the camera, or maybe she's about to drop it because she doesn't quite know what it is. Dr. Ruth is standing behind a huge Curious George book. I'm wondering what she means by that? There's also The Indigo Girls, Levar Burton, Melissa Etheridge, Tim Robbins, and Yo-Yo Ma just to highlight a few. The best poster though has to be the yummy Orlando Bloom holding a copy of, what else? The Lord of the Rings. He also has a mini poster and a bookmarkk you can buy. I wish I had known you could buy these posters a few years ago when Patrick Stewart had one (you know, Captain Picard). I don't know what I find more attractive about him, his beaky nose, blue eyes and unabashedly bald head, or his gorgeous voice. He can read to me anytime! (But I'll accept the substitution of Orlando Bloom if I have to)